Power Amplifier


  • .Class H power amplifier
  • .XLR & 1/4" TRS - Input connectors
  • .5-way binding posts & SPEAKON - output connectors
  • .SIGNAL level at -6dB, -3dB, 0dB, LIMIT, CLIP and PROTECT LED indicators
  • .INPUT THRU XLR output connectors for signals easily passing through to multi-amp setups
  • .Built-in limilters per each channel
  • .Thermal protection per channel
  • .Against short-circuit protection per channel
  • .2Ω stereo stability
  • .Damping factor >880 @8Ω
  • .Dual 2-speed fans
  • .RS-485 IN & OUT XLR connectors for remote setting by computers
  • .Parametric EQ
  • .Compressor/Limiter
  • .Filter 6 to 24dB/octave (Butterworth, Bessel, Linkwitz Riley)
  • .Security lock


The UNiKA DSP 4000 power amplifier is professionally designed for both installed sound application and portable PA. The DSP 4000 includes DSP Digital Signal Processor which is available to use RS-485 interface to connect with computer for operation. This unit is rugged and offer the best value at an affordable price.

The DSP 4000 power amplifier is setup with a powerful, high-current toroidal transformer, it provides stereo mode and bridged mono mode in variable ways of using the unit. The DSP 4000 power amplifier has been thoroughly tested before shipment and designed to mount into a standard 19" rack.


The DSP 4000 is equipped with selectable input and output terminals that make them suitable for professional sound application: XLR and 1/4” TRS input terminals with 5-way binding post and Speakon output terminals, which accept balanced and unbalanced connections. Use these connections to connect the output signals from a mixer, a crossover or an EQ to your DSP 4000 amplifier. And there are extra XLR output connectors for signals easily passing through to multi-amps setups. The 5-way binding post and Speakon output connections for dual channels or bridged mono channel. 

Protection circuits include short circuit protection and detent gain controls. The circuit breaker is designed to protect the amplifier and your speakers in the event of an AC overload. Detent gain controls for easily repeatable settings.  

Built-in limiter allows signals below a specified input power to pass unaffected while attenuating the peaks of stronger signals that exceed this input power. The input sensitivity is fixed at 1V.

Indicators clearly showed the status of the protection systems and other parameters: each channel is designed with separate PROTECT indicator indicates protection circuit activation; SIGNAL level at -6dB, -3dB, 0dB, LIMIT and CLIP LED indicators. Continuously dual 2-speed fans efficiently prevent overheating and maintain high stability.

The DSP 4000 is designed as a digital power amplifier, it contains DSP (Digital Signal Processor) to control the related functions, such as EQ, LPF (Low Pass Filter), HPF (High Pass Filter), Limiter, Delay and digital signal input, via the front panel LCD display, and can be adjusted when connect it to computer with its exclusive control software.

For more details about the UNiKA DSP 4000, please contact UNiKA Professional Audio at +886 2 2793-3017. Also, visit the UNiKA Electronic Co., Ltd. website at


Output Power:
2 ohms,1KHz 1% THD
4 ohms,1KHz 1% THD
8 ohms,1KHz 1% THD
(Bridge Mode, mono)
4 ohms,1KHz 1% THD
8 ohms,1KHz 1% THD

1900W RMS Stereo.
1350W RMS Stereo.
800W RMS Stereo.

3750W RMS
2100W RMS
Total Harmonic Distortion:
@rated output power, 8 ohms

Less than 0.01%
Input Sensitivity and Impedance: @rated output power, 8 ohms
1.02V RMS (0 dBv)
Dimensions & Weight

Frequency Response
10Hz - 40KHz
20Hz - 20KHz

+/- 1dB, 1W RMS, 8 ohms
+/-0.2dB, @rated output 8 ohms
Power Consumption:
@rated output power, 8ohms
20A@220V c.a.
50Hz 4500W
Cooling System Dual 2-Speed Fans and Heatsinks 
Rack Space 3U