Power Regulator


  • .AR-3000 provides 3 PowerCon, 4 North America type totally 7 regulated, conditioned AC outlets on the rear panel, and one North America type outlet on the front panel.
  • .AR-3000 Input capacity is 25 A; output capacity is 20 A to 25 A.
  • .Built-in advanced 2 stages of power filter. 
  • .Regulation input voltage range is an extra +/-10% out of the standard stable output voltage.
  • .Extreme over-voltage and under-voltage will instantlyshutdown, safeguard connected equipment.
  • .Extreme Voltage Shutdown indicator LED.
  • .Output-Regulation indicator LED.
  • .Large 7 segments LED indicators for input and output voltage display.
  • .Easy and fast user-operable circuit breaker prevents overload or short circuit
  • .Very low stray magnetic field leakage
  • .Main power ON/OFF switch
  • .5V/2A and 5V/1A two USB charger sockets are provided. 
  • .Professional small size fan for internal heat ventilation.
  • .Compact, lightweight device weighing only 17.6 pounds (8 kg) , 1U chassis height.


The AR-3000 is the perfect accessory to any audio, video, or computer and peripherals rack-mount system requiring clean, filtered, and regulated AC power for optimum operation.

The regulator accepts an input voltage over a wide AC voltage range and convert it to the required standard stable output voltage (110Vac +/-5V); voltages outside this range of approximately ± 10% can be converted to usable levels, depending on considered usable devices.


The AR-3000 design is based on an 11-taps Toroidal autotransformer. The Toroidal design assures minimal leakage of stray magnetic fields, and, because of its high efficiency, a very compact size for its rating. The Voltage Regulator’s circuitry monitors the incoming line voltage with each cycle, and compares this to a precise voltage reference (Accuracy is ± 0.15%).

If a voltage fluctuation requires that a different tap be selected, the new tap is electronically switched at a precise moment, so as to minimize distortion of the AC waveform. If necessary, the AR-3000 can switch taps as often as once each cycle.
Most commercial voltage regulators using multiple-tapped transformers switch taps at random times, thereby creating voltage spikes and clicks that can leak into the audio!  Hysteresis in the tap switching points prevents “chatter” or unnecessary switching back and forth between adjacent taps. Unlike voltage regulators that employ Ferro-resonant transformers, the AR-3000 is not sensitive to small errors in line frequency, making it ideal for use with generators.

Because its Toroidal transformer design minimizes stray magnetic fields, the AR-3000 may be positioned near most other equipment without concern that the neighboring equipment will be influenced by magnetic leakage from the transformer.  It is suggested that the AR-3000 be located either at the top or bottom of the rack.  


Nominal input voltage 95VAC ~ 125VAC
Nominal output voltage 110VAC / ±5V
Over extreme voltage ≥ 135VAC
Under extreme voltage ≤ 75VAC
AC Frequency 60Hz
Input power capacity 3000W/25A
Output power capacity 3000W/20~25A totally
AC outlet 1 US type on front, 4 US type & 3 Power Con on rear
USB charger 1 type A-5V/2A, 1 type A-5V/1A
Power supply  11 taps cooper toroidal transformer with low of stray magnetic field leakage 
Circuit breaker Resettable breaker on rear panel 
Filtering  Built-in advanced 2 stages of power filter 
Protection circuit  Surge , Spike, Lightning 
Thermal dispersion  Fan & large format heat sink 
Voltage indicator  2 of 7 segment LED display 
Status indicator  Extreme voltage shutdown, Output-Regulation 
Dimension (H x W x D)  44 x 483 x 284mm
Weight  8kg/17.6lb
Rack space  1U