Power Regulator


  • .AR-3000 provides 3 PowerCon, 4 North America type totally 7 regulated, conditioned AC outlets on the rear panel, and one North America type outlet on the front panel.
  • .AR-3000 Input capacity is 25 A; output capacity is 20 to 25 A.
  • .Built-in advanced 2 stages of power filter.
  • .Regulation input voltage range is an extra +/-10% out of the standard stable output voltage.
  • .Extreme over-voltage and under-voltage will instantly shutdown, safeguard connected equipment.
  • .Extreme Voltage Shutdown indicator LED.
  • .Output-Regulation indicator LED.
  • .Large 7 segments LED indicators for input and output voltage display.
  • .Easy and fast user-operable circuit breaker prevents overload or short circuit.
  • .Very low stray magnetic field leakage.
  • .Main power ON/OFF switch.
  • .5V/2.1A and 5V/1A two USB charger sockets are provided.
  • .Professional small size fan for internal heat ventilation.
  • .Compact, lightweight device weighing only 17.6 pounds (8 kg) _1U chassis height.


Nominal input voltage 95VAC ~ 125VAC
Nominal output voltage 110VAC / ±5V
Over extreme voltage ≥ 135VAC
Under extreme voltage ≤ 75VAC
AC Frequency 60Hz
Input power capacity 3000W/25A
Output power capacity 3000W/20~25A totally
AC outlet 1 US type on front, 4 US type & 3 Power Con on rear
USB charger 1 type A-5V/2A, 1 type A-5V/1A
Power supply  11 taps cooper toroidal transformer with low of stray magnetic field leakage 
Circuit breaker Resettable breaker on rear panel 
Filtering  Built-in advanced 2 stages of power filter 
Protection circuit  Surge , Spike, Lightning 
Thermal dispersion  Fan & large format heat sink 
Voltage indicator  2 of 7 segment LED display 
Status indicator  Extreme voltage shutdown, Output-Regulation 
Dimension (H x W x D)  44 x 483 x 284mm
Weight  8kg/17.6LB
Rack space  1U