Dante Networked Audio

NBB-020P Stereo Networked Audio Transmitter / NBB-020A Stereo Networked Audio Receiver

  • .Dante-enabled networked Audio Transmitter (NBB-020P) or Receiver (NBB-020A)
  • .Streaming audio in robust standard Ethernet cable (a.k.a., Digital Snake)
  • .Easily organize and expand network topology with regular Ethernet switches
  • .Uncompressed 24-bit PCM coding with sample rate up to 96KHz
  • .Powered by Ethernet PoE without the need of AC outlet
  • .Analog Gain (NBB-020P) or Attenuate (NBB-020A) control for each channel
  • .Phantom power engagement control per input channel (NBB-020P)
  • .Signal clip indicator for both analog inputs (NBB-020P)
  • .XLR Combo sockets for both XLR and TRS phone plugging (NBB-020P)
  • .Routing and other configuration are set with Dante Controller software


The NBB-020P transmits stereo audio to Dante network while NBB-020A receives stereo audio from Dante network. Both NBB-020P and NBB-020A are direct powered by PoE which means you don't need to find AC outlets for device deployment.

The NBB-020P accepts wide range of analog audio signal from MIC to LINE level and it also can deliver 48V phantom power to condenser microphones connected. The NBB-020A has high analog output capability which fully meets the industrial standard up to 24dBu.


The NBB-020P/NBB-020A adopts Audinate Dante networking technology for audio transceiving, and is very network friendly with unlimited flexibility in topology of deployment. It supports up to Layer 3 of IEEE 802.3 network standard, enabling you to organize your audio network with the on-the-shelf Ethernet switches or to immediately transport streaming audio by taking advantage of your existing installed network facility with no hassle. Accompanied by Ethernet switches, you can flexibly expand territory of device deployment in audio networking with NBB-020P/NBB-020A.

Audio routing among each NBB-020P/NBB-020A and all the other Dante-enabled devices is configured via computer with dedicated Dante Controller software which is available free from Audinate website. With Dante Virtual Soundcard software, you are even able to have your DAW software direct record/play stereo streaming audio from NBB-020P or to NBB-020A.

The analog audio input/output interfaces of NBB-020P/NBB-020A fully meet the requirements of the professional audio industry. Audio is encoded(NBB-
020P) / decoded(NBB-020A) with the latest and uncompressed 24-bit PCM encoder(NBB- 020P) / decoder(NBB-020A) with sample rate in 44.1KHz, 48KHz, or 96KHz. The NBB-020A outputs are peculiarly buffered with amplifiers of high-rail-voltage which can drive the lines up to 24dBu. Besides the high-level of drive capability, the output of NBB-020A can also be attenuated to meet the narrower reception range of inputs of some semiprofessional devices. Both inputs of NBB-020P accept signal of level from mic to line with individual gain and phantom power control. The NBB-020P is also equipped with a clip indicator for both the inputs to warn audio technicians of any signal overload on inputs.

The NBB-020P/NBB-020A is assembled in a sturdy metal chassis with elegant style of aluminum front panel. They are very slim in height which allows them to insert in a 1U space in a regular 19" mount-rack.


Model NBB-020P NBB-020A
Dante Channel x2 Transmit x2 Receive
Audio Connector XLR/TRS Combo XLR
Clip Indicator x1 for Both Channels N/A
Gain/Volume Control Gain: 0~60dB Rotary Volume: -20~0dB Rotary
+48V Phantom Power ON/OFF per Channel N/A
Analog Level  24dBu max.  24dBu max.
Digitized Scaling  0dBFS @24dBu  0dBFS @24dBu 
Encoding  Uncompressed 24-bit PCM  Uncompressed 24-bit PCM 
Sample Rate 44.1KHz / 48KHz / 96KHz  44.1KHz / 48KHz / 96KHz 
Ethernet 100Mbps RJ45 Port  100Mbps RJ45 Port 
Audio Latency < 2ms typical  < 2ms typical 
Node to Node Distance 100m with Cat.5e Cable  100m with Cat.5e Cable
Dante Flows x2 (unicast + multicast) N/A
Frequency Response 20Hz ~ 20KHz ±0.5dB 20Hz ~ 20KHz ±0.5dB 
S/N Ratio (A-weighting) > 110dB @0dBFS > 110dB @0dBFS
THD + Noise (A-weighting) < 0.002% @-10dBFS < 0.002% @-15dBFS
Dynamic Range (A-weighting) > 110dB > 110dB
Crosstalk < -110dB @10KHz < -120dB @10KHz
Power by PoE 55VDC, 0.25A (rated) 55VDC, 0.25A (rated) 
Power Consumption < 4 Watts < 4 Watts
Operation Temperature 0 ~ 45℃ 0 ~ 45℃
Operation Rel. Humidity 0 ~ 90% 0 ~ 90%
Construction Metal Chassis with Aluminum Front Panel Metal Chassis with Aluminum Front Panel
Dimensions (HxWxD) 44mm x 111mm x 126mm 44mm x 111mm x 119mm
Weight 490g 455g

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